Started programming at a very young age. Been a sysadmin, than moved to PHP.
From here on I wrote code in: C# (ASP.NET), Node.js, Python, Go-lang, C/C++ and also Unity3D (which is stil C# but meh thought it's worth mentioning it).
As far as databases go I used MySQL, MS-SQL, Postgres and Mongo (also used Elasticsearch and redis but not sure if they count).

Things I Can Do

  • Write much code!
  • Stack small boxes!
  • Read books and stuff...
  • Drink much coffee!
  • Turn the lights on!
  • Be arrogant.

A Few Accomplishments

Mobile billing

Wrote a billing API that integrates: IPX, NTH, Dimoco, Neomobile and NET-M with all their variations (Node.js).

Recurrent billing

Integrated recurrent billing over IPX, NET-M and NTH with reporting and retrying policy (Go-lang).

Made mobile games

Released two mobile games for Android (Unity3D).